New wedding date due to Covid - 2022

Dear guest,

We have come to the conclusion to move our wedding to next year due to COVID-19. Therefore the new date for the wedding is 11-13th of July 2022.

Welcome to our wedding site, we are thrilled that you have found your way here and we can´t wait to spend our wedding weekend together with You. Maybe this is the first time you are visiting our site, maybe you can´t get enough of us and have visited us 20 times before - anyway warm welcome!

You may have some questions about the weekend: How do I get to Lidö? What will happen during the weekend? Who are the Toastmasters? How did Coffe & Clara actually meet? Will there be a free bar during the big party?

- We made this site to try to answer all your questions, hopefully we cover them all!

Location sneak peak: