How we met

His side
From the very first moment I met Clara at our first day at Uppsala University back in 2013, I felt that she was something special. You can bet I was really disappointed the next day when I found out that she had a boyfriend... So instead we became friends and hanged out a lot with our Uppsala gang. I succeded to stay out of the friendzone and when Clara finally was single two years later I made my move. And as we all can see, it worked out pretty well.

Her side
When I first got to know Coffe he was bubbly, funny and had great energy whenever we were with our group of friends, but as soon as it was only him and I in the room he turned quiet and shy. I thought this was a result of him not liking me. Years later I understood it was actually the opposite. I will never regret making that first move the day before New Years Eve 2014.