Get to know our Toastmaster and Toastmadame

If you would like to say a couple of words, sing or some "spex" during the dinner, please e-mail them at:

Fredric Carlsson
Fredric is that type of person that always makes you smile. He is a great visionary with social skills out of this world. With Fredric as our toastmaster we get some awesome ideas for the weekend that we would never come up with ourselves and we are confident that he will contribute to a weekend full of love and laughs. If you are wondering how the Aperol Spritz tastes like at Lidö, just ask Fredric - he has a summer house on Rådmansö (10 minutes from Lidö) and has visited the island plenty of times and have quality tested the cocktail menu for us.

Céline Saindrenan
Some people are easy to like and some are not, and than there is that person that everybode loves - Céline is that person! With a big heart and a smile on her face she makes sure that every person around her have a good time. We have known Céline for more than seven years now so we are confident that she, as our Toastmadame will make sure that we have thought about every singel detail and that we will follow our time schedule for the weekend. If you for some reason would be craving cheeseballs during the weekend, Céline is your go to person - it´s unbelievable how much she loves it!